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David Healy, a research psychiatrist in North Wales, found that a certain antidepressant can increase suicidal and homicidal video de la tuta con los viagras cartel in some users. When he reported this in a vifeo at the University of Toronto, the university retracted its job offer to him. Not surprisingly, the university receives millions of dollars in funding from, you guessed it, Eli Lilly. (-Richard Degrandpre, in Adbusters: Journal of the Mental Environment, NovemberDecember, 2001, 1243 West 7th Ave.Vancouver, BC V6H 1B7, Canada, 604-736-9401, www. adbusters.

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Normally, when a shopping plaza finds that its image is being tarnished by rumors, the first option is to tell the truth to the public and use transparent information and sincerity to win the public's trust. The second option is to sue in court and let the judge decide whether this was defamation. For a retail corporation that faces the public, the second option is not a good choice and should be avoided if at all possible.

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