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If Elliott legal team can put the suspension on hold again, he won be eligible to play until Nov.

Nor-8- chlororiboflavin, 8-nor-8-fluororiboflavin, 7-nor-7-chloro-8-nor-8-chlororiboflavin, 8-nor- 8-aminoriboflavin, N(3)-methylriboflavin and 5-deaza-5-carbariboflavin); pyridoxine (vitamin B6), analogs or derivatives thereof; cyanocobalamin (vitamin B 12), analogs or derivatives thereof; pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), analogs or derivatices thereof; biotin, analogs or derivatives thereof; and the vitamin E derivative Trolox. Suitable vitamins also include but are not limited to oil soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, analogs or derivatives thereof, such as acitretin (Soriatane); vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) analogs or derivatives thereof. Suitable vitamin B 12 (VB 12) analogs according to the invention include descobaltocorrinoids such as alpha (5,-6-dimethylbenzymidazolyl)-hydrogenobamide, hydroxocobalamin (OH-CbI), methylcobalamin, adenosylcobalamin (AdeCbl), aquocobalamin, methylcobalamin, cyanocobalamin, carbanalide, 5 methoxybenzylcyanocobalamin [(5-MeO)CN-CbI], as well as the desdimethyl, monoethylamide and the methylamide analogs of all of the above VB 12 molecules. Other suitable VB 12 analogs include all alkyl cobalamins in which the alkyl chain is linked to the corrin nucleus by a direct CoC covalent bond. Still other suitable VB 12 analogs include chlorocobalamin, sulfitocobalamin, nitrocobalamin, thiocyanatocobalamin, benzimidazolecyanocobalamin derivatives such as 5,6 dichlorobenzimidazole, 5- hydroxybenzimidazole, trimethylbenzimidazole, as well as adenosylcyanocobalamin [(Ade)CN-Cbl], cobalamin lactone, cobalamin lactam and the anilide, ethylamide, monocarboxylic and dicarboxylic acid derivatives of VB 12 or its analogs. Other VB 12 derivatives include adeninylalkylcobalamin, adeninylethylcobalamin (AdeEtCbl), adeninylpropylcobalamin (AdePrCbl) and adeninylpentylcobalamin (AdePeCbl)).

LA residents were stunned when news broke that Reggie, a two-metre-long alligator, was spotted swimming in Lake Machado, a popular inner-city lake.]