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The rights, privileges and preferences may include voting, dividend, conversion, redemption, participation and liquidation rights. As of December 31, 2000, 3,000 shares of Series A Convertible Preferred Stock were outstanding; as of December 31, 1999 and 1998, no Preferred Stock was issued or outstanding. On October 27, 2000, the Company entered into a Securities Purchase Agreement with several quot;accredited investorsquot; (quot;Holdersquot;) whereby the Holders purchased 3,000 shares of the Company's newly-issued Series A Convertible Preferred Stock dusodril retard wirkung viagra in gross proceeds of 3,000,000 to the Company. In addition, the Buyers received warrants to purchase up to 600,000 shares of common stock at an exercise price of approximately 0. 96 per share. Viagran vaikutus al kass Company received net proceeds from this transaction of 2,720,000, after fees, costs and expenses of issuance. An additional 50,000 warrants were issued to an intermediary on the same terms as were granted to the Buyers. The Preferred Stock is convertible into common stock on the following basis: The number of shares of common stock to be issued is equal to the stated value of the number of shares of Preferred Stock being converted, together with any accrued dividends (the quot;Additional Amountquot;) thereon, divided by the quot;Conversion Pricequot. The Conversion Price is equal to the lesser of (i) 115 of the average of the two lowest bid prices quoted on the exchange where the Company's common stock is traded during the ten days preceding the closing or, (ii) 80 of the average of the two lowest bid prices of the common stock.

Bill Gable: A friend kaes lost his Hi tec job. He phoned and was sounding stressed. ‚ I‚ve got to sell‚. you told him the right thing but I guess it very much depends on how much equity he has. Gulf Breeze: I can‚t imagine buying a house in Vancouver that might fetch 6,000. 00 per month in rent when I could own the property I co-own (in a commercially and technologically vibrant American city, that fetches over 200,000. 00 in rent per year‚after taxes, insurance and maintenance) for the same price.

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Most embarrassing program: the ads on SBS (2 votes); Cheaters (4); A Current Affair (10); The Con Test (10); ABBAmania (12); Quizmania (15); Celebrity Pet School (17); The Wedge (18); The Catch-Up (20); Today Tonight (27 votes). Most overhyped program: Prison Break (3); The Chaser's War on Everything (14); Heroes (17); Ugly Betty (30); Big Brother (65 votes). Most underrated program: Iron Chef (2); RocKwiz (3); Family Guy (8); Crossing Jordan (8); Shameless (12); Veronica Mars (19); Spooks (20); Extras (27); Boston Legal (28 votes).

While the US hasn8217;t had a Fascist leader, I do think that we have become de facto corporatist. The key of a corporatist state is that each interest group has representation in the government, but primarily through a small body of its (often unelected) leaders. For instance, the financial system interests are now dictated by a small number of megabanks and trading firms, where the government is going to them to determine what is 8220;good for the system8221; and they go to the government to curry favor in name of 8220;stability.

However, I suspect that all those people who are lucky enough to be able to spend say 240k after tax per year wonder quite seriously how any family gets by on less than 200k. Those few who spend a million per year will swear they could no longer get by on only 500k. People in darkest Africa would think even the poorest people in North America are insane to ever complain about money.]