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Just what science it is that goes into formulating infant formula is in serious question. Obstetrician Mayer Eisenstein writes: ¬Formula is no magic concoction. Anyone who reads the ingredients on a can of infant formula will see that it is simply a recipe of cow's milk, sugar and water. ¬ Although hospital personnel will assure you that pasteurized cow's milk, refined sugar and chlorinated tap water is an adequate substitute for breastmilk, there is no evidence (none) that this is true and mountains of evidence that infant formula can be detrimental to your baby's health.

) PHONES AND RADIATION. Most individuals still have no clue of the harm they expose themselves to by putting the microwave transmitter, otherwise known as a cell phone, next to their head. Solution: purchase a new phone model that allows the user to plug in a hands-free adapter. Ideally, even though this adapter allows you to keep your phone away from your brain and possible tumor formation, it would be best to keep the phone as far away from the body as possible until real objective research and federal guidelines establish the exact outcomes of usage.

I hit a semi head on July 6, 2002.]