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SLEEP MONITOR: The simplicity of the sensor attachments and the compact size and mobility of the Sleep Monitor home unit enables the patient to be monitored at home. It is the home care environment which holds the most potential for this monitor. To management's knowledge, none of the existing monitors or software systems are direct competitors of the Sleep Monitor since their sensors are too complex for use in the home-care environment. SCOPESHIELD(TM) The Company's Scopeshield(TM) will compete with disposable stethoscopes used by many doctors and hospitals. The Company will require marketing permission from the FDA to market the Symdex 1500, NPTR test and Sleep Monitor. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (the quot;FDA Actquot;) requires the Company to file a pre-marketing notice of intent to market with the FDA of all medical devices. The notice seeks the FDA's permission to market the product. Devices manufactured and marketed before 1976, and any devices substantially equivalent to any such device, may not require FDA permission. Devices developed after 1976, or devices that differ substantially from a legally marketed predicate device, must receive the FDA's permission before marketing to the public may begin. These device are also subject to reviews by the FDA after the pre-market review process, tragopogon herbal viagra devices that are potentially furodrix dosierung viagra being subject to more stringent standards.

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