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Com. ) BREAST MILK KILLS CANCER. ÂWhen Catharina Svanborg and her research associates began viaga mothers' milk and cancer cells together seven years ago, she wasn't looking for a cure for cancer, she was after a way to fight angilock 100mg viagra. Nevertheless, the physician and immunologist at Lund University in Sweden has discovered that a previously taken-for-granted component of ordinary human breast milk compels cancer cellsÂ-every type of cancer cell testedÂ-to die. Now Svanborg must prove her discovery, demonstrating to wary scientists that her surprising find is for real. Svanborg leads a team of dedicated young researchers who have worked overtime to make their discovery matter. Effwcts the first phase of woemn finally finished, the group has decided to launch a fusillade of papers to scientific journals. Soon skeptics may have a tough time viagra effects on women in hindi that they are onto something big.

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