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Professor Ian Frazer slides into second spot, with the skivvy-sporting Wiggles in third. Ian Kiernan and Dr Harry Cooper are next in line with the Irwins, led by Bindi, in sixth and seventh places. Rounding out the top 10 are Professor Barry Marshall (Nobel Prize for ulcer-discoveries), Dick Smith and Ernie Dingo. Also worth noting are the folks who have faltered in the public eye. Keith Urban has slipped 16 spots to 74th, David Koch slipped 16 spots to 39th and our monarch, Queen Elizabeth, rolled 11 places to 27th. David Hicks and Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly bring up the rear, clocking in as the least trusted in 99th and 100th positions.

:: East Midlands, ¬178,000, ¬26,000, 14. 8, ¬204,000. :: West Midlands, ¬183,000, ¬27,000, 14. 8, ¬210,000.]