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I traveled each in every Highway. And more much more than this. I did it MY WAY. that song is dedicated to D- 5. No amount of your wild rantings now. Can save you from your perdition. Of surely going to KALABOSO. jonacalalay. February 22, 2017 at 10:43 AM | Unless a Court has declared PDigong to be guilty of murder or genocide, all die-hard, desperate Filipinos should give him all-out support.

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To suggest they will let you rent one of their vehicles without public liability coverage is nonsense. Since you don8217;t carry any, they by law, must provide it. I know of nobody who carriers any type of liability insurance -except homeowners- unless they also own a vehicle.

Thirty-eight percent of respondents had served as employees or consultants of drug companies, 58 had received financial support for their medical research, and 59 even had financial ties with companies whose medications were considered in their guidelines. Moreover, the study may have underestimated the situation, as only 52 of the physicians contacted responded to the survey. But does this mean the financial ties of the authors influenced their health recommendations or resulted in improper treatment recommendations. ¬It's a potential problem,¬ says study author Allan Detsky, physician-in-chief at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital. The doctors themselves agree. A full 19 of respondents stated that they believed their co-author's recommendations had been affected by their industry ties, and 7 thought their own relationships had influenced their recommendations.

Only the rich get to see elephants and whales8230;Ringling Brothers amp; Barnum amp; Bailey Circus will be no more, joining SeaWorld as the rich introduce surfdumb in the name of 8220;animal rights8221;8230; while driving japanese cars(cant give up my ride just because of whales in japan) and waving to their dentist as he rides out to the airport to shoot himself some wild game in africa(phreedumbz) as a child, was lucky enough to be backstage a couple of times when the circus came to new york city with those wondrous giant animals passing by me in tight quarters8230;one was amused by me and as it came up from behind8230;reached over with its snout and hoovered up the top of my head as it gently fliped its ear onto my head as it purred while passing me by8230; Like many things 8220;for our own good8221; which magically arrange for only the wealthy to enjoy certain experiences8230; jim the truck drivers kid is going to have to become a corporate carabinieri if he wants his kids to enjoy what I experienced8230; Animal rights activists8230;god help us8230; Yeah, god save us from people with compassion for animals. Compassion for the animals just right in front of you or animals in general8230; Not sure which side of the argument the s is directed8230; It is easy to create an environment where oppressions are 8220;cloaked8221; under 8220;welfare8221; or public safety8230; Saving a dozen killer whales.]