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RCMP Const. Paul Koester, with the Central Interior Integrated Road Safety Unit, was one of a handful of officers conducting educational traffic stops on Tod Mountain Road on Friday, Nov.

In Hoichang, east of Pyongyang, schools and institutions tell the WFP that about 10 of children are malnourished. Masood Hyder, the senior UN official in North Korea, says that vulnerable households now spend up to 80 of their income on food. And yet some things are improving. Two surveys carried out in 1998 and 2002 by the North Korean government together with the WFP and Unicef showed a dramatic improvement in children8217;s health between those years. The proportion of children who fail to reach their proper height because of malnutrition fell from 62 to 39, and the figures are thought to be still better now.

The present invention further provides a method suitable for the transdermal delivery of active agents in a range of therapeutic, cosmetic and research applications. The method comprises first preparing a water phase, wherein any water-soluble components, including any active agents, are dissolved in water.]