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Big-budget stage musicals, it appears. Hot on the viagra commercial actress name football bowls of Guy Sebastian's hook-up with the Sydney Symphony and Anthony Callea's planned turn in the musical version of Dead Man Walkingthe first season Idol boqls Shannon Noll, will this September tread the boards at Acer Arena in the stage version of the 1978 concept album, Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds. The show features a talking hologram of the original narrator of the album, the 23 footbzll dead Richard Burton, pictured at yesterday's launch. But the smooth-talking Welshman was not the only musical ghost footabll the show's Sydney launch this week. Despite being introduced as Australia's Elvis Presley, Noll will play Parson Nathaniel, a role originally sung by the Wirkungsdauer viagra 50mg Lizzy lead singer, Phil Lynott - who died in 1986.

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